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Follow the journey of  the Red Dragon, the Hector, and the Consent — the three ships that went on England’s first voyage to reach India.

Below you can go along the route they took and read entries from the diaries of the men aboard. 

The Third Voyage of
the London East India Company (1607-10)

Let's set sail

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We are at Tilbury on the river Thames, which I am told is where the Queen Elizabeth made a very famous speech to the men about to fight the Spanish...

21 March 1607
Tilbury Docks

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We have got as far now as Plymouth which is the last we will see of England. We hoped to meet the other ships here...

15 April 1607

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One of the most difficult things about long voyages, I am learning, is that you quickly run out of water.

7 May 1607
Cape Verde Islands

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24 April 1607
North Atlantic Ocean

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20 April 1607
North Atlantic Ocean

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It is a long time since we saw land, and people are arguing about where we are. We can use instruments to measure our ‘latitude’ (how far north or south we are), but it is more difficult to find out our ‘longitude’ (how far east or west we are)

2 June 1607
Crossing the Equator

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Arrived in Sierra Leone. It is a very beautiful country, though it rains a lot, much like back home. The people who live here are called the Temne (pronounced "Tim-in-ee").

6 August 1607
Sierra Leone

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30 July 1607
North Atlantic Ocean

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Before I came on this voyage, I was told that when the men on a ship disagree with what the captain says, they can confront him, and sometimes even stage what is called a ‘mutiny’...

17 December 1607
Cape of Good Hope

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I have never in my life been so sickened by a sight.

19 February 1608


14 Jan 1608
South Atlantic Ocean

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We have arrived at another new place, an island between Africa and India that the men call Zokatora, and we are the first Englishmen ever to come here. This makes me very proud: I suppose I am a part of history?

25 April 1608

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We onboard the Hector have made it all the way to India!

28 August 1608