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ca. 36.40° N, on the North Atlantic Ocean


24 April 1607


The wind blowing easily west northwest, we steered south and by west & were in 36 degrees & 40 minutes, at which time being becalmed, our Admiral discharged a piece of ordinance, whereupon our Captain hoisted out his pinnace [a smaller boat] and went aboard him, returning in the evening with a draught touching the 44th article of his commission, whereto the mariners subscribed to the end that the goods of such as should happen to decease in the voyage might by their own consent be sold at the main mast. This evening had we in telling out that upon 20th day aforesaid three of our admiral’s men were washed overboard, of which two were recovered, and the third, whose name was Richard Rotch, was drowned. This night the wind came east-southeast & we sailed south & by east.


A 17th century ship in peril at sea.

A ship in peril at sea. 


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S. Münster. 1600: A ship in peril at sea

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