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Feminist Fletcher Festival

York, Spring 2018

The Feminist Fletcher Festival presented four staged readings of plays at the historic Black Swan Inn in York by the English Renaissance playwright John Fletcher, who co-wrote three plays with Shakespeare before taking over as chief writer for the King's Men.


Each performance was followed by a short discussion panel with theatre and feminist scholars, to unravel the connections between Fletcher's time and our own, with a special emphasis on feminism.


The plays were:

The Maid's Tragedy

The Martial Maid, or Love's Cure

The Tamer Tamed (Fletcher's 'sequel' to Taming of the Shrew)

The Sea Voyage


Re:Verse also partnered with The York Shakespeare Project to present a panel discussion for their production of Shakespeare & Fletcher's The Two Noble Kinsmen.


The Festival was co-produced by PhD Researchers Lauren Cowling and Aurèlia Puigdomènech at the Centre for Women's Studies at the University of York, and Re:Verse Theatre Artistic Director Ben Prusiner.

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