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Stage Production - The Hamlet Voyage

16-17 July at the Bristol Harbour Festival, Bristol

19-23 July at the Bridewell Theatre, London

The Hamlet Voyage is a new play by Rex Obano which explores a potential performance of Hamlet on a ship off the coast of Sierra Leone – before an audience of African dignitaries – in 1607, during the first English voyage to reach India.


The play will premiere as a site-specific performance onboard the historic ship The Matthew at the 50th Anniversary Bristol Harbour Festival. From there it will play for one week at the Bridewell Theatre in London. Other venues are under consideration for future remounts.


The ensemble will tell the story drawing on movement, music, puppetry and storytelling styles from Mughal India, Renaissance England and the Temne people of Sierra Leone.

To learn more about the production and the creative team visit


Character breakdown

NUR MAHAL (aka NUR JAHAN): Female / 30s / South Asian or Persian / Empress of the Mughal Empire and the true power behind the throne. A shrewd political mind.


MUSU: Female / 20s / Black African [Sierra Leonean] / Dancer and villager. Knows her own worth and inner strength.


PRINCE KPANA: Male / 20s-30s / Black African [Sierra Leonean] / Heir to the throne. Leads with his heart.


LUCAS FERNANDEZ: Male / 30s-50s / Black African [Sierra Leonean] / Advisor and Portuguese interpreter for the King in Sierra Leone. Cultured and observant.


ADAMA: Female / 30s-60s / Black African [Sierra Leonean] / Friend and longtime mentor to Musu. Expert storyteller and knows everyone’s secrets.


WILLIAM HAWKYNS: Male / 30s-50s / White British / Captain of the ship Hector and first English Ambassador to the Mughal court. Drunk and full of bluster.


WILLIAM KEELING: Male / 30s-50s / White British / Captain of the ship Red Dragon. Seems comically inept but is keenly observant.


JOHN ROGERS: Male / 30s-50s / White British / Second in command to Keeling. Looking to get ahead by any means. Entitled & intelligent.


GEORGE KING: Male / 20s / White British / Sailor. Has embraced his worst demons but others see his true potential. Has an animal magnetism.


EDMUND BUCKBURY: Male / 30s-50s / White British / Sailor. Much smarter than he lets on. A weathered sailor with a wry wit.


Please highlight in your application whether you have any experience with puppetry, dance and/or if you play an instrument (not required).  


Rehearsal dates

London 20/06/22 – 09/07/22

Bristol 11/07/22-15/07/22


Performance Dates

16/07/22 - 17/07/22 at the Bristol Harbour Festival, Bristol

19/07/22 – 23/07/22 at the Bridewell Theatre, London



Fees are £350 per week including rehearsals, in line with national living wage. Travel, accommodation and food during time away from actors' home cities will also be covered by Re:Verse Theatre.

To apply for an audition, please send your CV and headshot to

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